Becoming a first time mum! Pearl and Bear

Becoming a first time mum!

We chatted to @courtneyxalyssa, content creator, wellness guru, lover of all things lifestyle and expecting mumma about announcing becoming a mum for the first time! We get a little insight into the ups and downs of pregnancy as well as the all important baby products she's got her eye on. Get cosy, let's have a chat with Courtney! 

We’re so excited for you, congratulations! Can you tell us your due date and if you’re hoping for a boy or girl?
I am due 23rd of September and I am honestly happy either way! My gut instinct is telling me I am having a boy and I have convinced myself so much I would be very surprised if the baby is a girl!
Tell us about your feelings of becoming a new mum, what are you most excited about and what are you most nervous for?
I am super excited yet super nervous. I am excited to create family traditions and have my own little family and create exciting memories. I am most nervous about the responsibility as it is such a huge responsibility! Your life changes as soon as you bring them home and you then have the responsibility of raising that baby. That is definitely what I am most nervous about! But overall I am so excited and looking forward to the new life!
Have you found anything surprisingly challenging since finding out about your exciting news?
I have been super lucky with my physical symptoms however mentally is has been quite challenging. As someone who is very productive and love getting things done, I have found this super hard to keep up with due to the tiredness that pregnancy brings! 
What baby products do you have your eye on at the moment? Has anyone recommended any products to you?
I have put together an amazon wish list with all the items I'd like to purchase before the baby is here. I have found that this has helped me be organised with what I need to purchase and I can see it all in one place. Lots of blankets are on my list as I have been advised you can never have too many!
Have you brought any baby products yet that you’re excited to use?
I have already stocked up on vests as I've heard you get through loads! I recently bought the self sterilising malm bottles which I'm really excited to use! I plan on breastfeeding however I know Jamie (my partner) would love to be involved with the feeds so eventually I will express and use the bottles! I think it's great that they are self sterilising. 
Do you have any advice for expecting mothers?
I definitely would recommend to take each day as it comes and you're allowed to feel nervous and overwhelmed especially in that first trimester, I didn't realise how mentally challenging it was going to be. As great of a new chapter it is, it is also a challenging one and that's ok. I also would rest as much as you can, I have tried to listen to my body and if there are days where I just want to be on the sofa all day then I will allow that!  


We can't wait for the arrival of Courtney's little one in September, so check back for some updates on how Courtney is getting on!

Please remember to give Courtney a follow on her Instagram, and do check out her Youtube channel @courtneyxalyssa, she has some exciting, therapeutic content over there which we just love! 

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