Get crafty this Christmas!

Get crafty this Christmas!

Get crafty this Christmas!


Welcome to Pearl and Bear and welcome to this months exclusive blog. We're delving into something rather fun this Christmas.. crafts!

We know... crafts with the little ones can be a little bit of a pain, but don't worry, we're here to help you out!

Our excellent marketing team have been busy busy the past month prepping for the festive season ensuring you're up to date with all the latest and greatest bits and bobs surrounding Christmas including product recommendations and some social media content.

They've been busy making Christmas Lollipop wreaths, reindeer baubles, Star ornaments, nursery letter ornaments.. phew! Plus, in preparation for our exciting Gingerbread Competition, we've been making, building and eating (oops) all the Gingerbread as promo for the competition. That's coming very soon!

Now for the all important part. 
As we're chatting crafts, we understand as parents we will do everything we possibly can to protect the sofa and the dining room table from glitter, glue and everything in between. Thankfully, we have the best product to save you from the hassle of hunting for the glue sticks, popping your hand down the sofa to not only find a pair of scissors but an apple core.. who left that there!?


Happy Home Foldaway Playpen
From Koo-Di

The easy peasy foldaway playpen for little ones who love getting messy, reading or maybe just a quick nap! Simply stretch the playpen outwards and click into place and fill with all your little ones Christmas crafts. From one parent to another, you'll thank us - it's brilliant!

Ooh.. and we can't forget:

Character Painting Apron

Your little ones will need one of our character painting aprons because this Christmas - we're here to get your little ones prepared for the painting and gluing!

Our Christmas artsy crafty bits and bobs will be coming very soon - we hope you're excited to see what we've got planned for you all!