Packing your Hospital Bag?

Packing your Hospital Bag?

Packing your Hospital Bag?

We caught up with the lovely Amanda & Jo from Network Mums as both of them are expecting again in January, we asked a few questions on how they are preparing for their bundles of joy the second time around.

Here’s what Amanda & Jo had to say:

What products are a MUST have in your hospital bag?

Amanda: A phone charger (you could be there a while and especially by yourself), LOTS of Muslins, Cotton wool pad to clean babies as you don't want to use wet wipes at the beginning, a baby hat, a fan and lots of snacks! 

Jo: An electric fan, an extra-long phone charger, straws, snacks and lucozade!

How have you prepped for your hospital bag? Have you read up on blogs/ looked online?

Amanda: Yes, for my first baby there was an amazing list online which has actually been taken down now, so frustrating! I go between quite a few websites and pick what I think works best from each list and based on what I used last time. It is also so dependent on time of year e.g. how hot/cold it will be etc.

Jo: The only prep that I have done is read the list that Amanda sent to me I will cross reference this with blogs online in the next few weeks!

How far in advance would you recommend packing?

Amanda: As far in advance as possible - Olivia arrived nearly 4 weeks early. I had my bag ready but not the changing bag - my husband’s mum had to do a big wash at 2am and bring everything into the hospital in time for me to dress her :)

Jo: I think you should have your bag packed by 36 weeks just in case you are early, make sure it is in the back of the car ready and waiting!  

What do you have in your hospital bag currently?

Amanda: I haven't packed it, but I have stuff ready to pack - flip flops, dressing gown, toiletries, a fan, a tens machine, maternity pad, nappies, muslins, hospital starter pack formula - still got a long way to go. 

Jo: Currently nothing! I have not even got my suitcase out of the garage yet and I am 31 weeks!

As this is both your second pregnancy have you done anything different this time round?

Amanda: Much more chilled. Tried to get things second hand or borrow from friends as babies grow out of everything so quickly. Also not buy such expensive towelsmuslins/ vests etc as they all get ruined with sick so just nice quality but don't feel guilty if they need to be thrown. 

Jo: As I delivered at 41 weeks last time I feel like there is a good chance that I will be late this time too and do not feel so anxious about getting my hospital bag together! I certainly over packed last time so I’m going to try and keep it simple this time and just pack the necessities! I was also only in hospital for one night (and I delivered at 12.30am) I was out of the hospital by 5pm the following day so I’m hoping that I will have a similar, relatively fast labour!

 What advice would you give to new mums?

Amanda: As scary as giving birth is, the hardest job starts when you actually get home with the baby. Try to relax for now and sleep as much in advance. Prepare 2 weeks worth of meals so you don't live off chocolate when you give birth - bulk cook and freeze it or buy 'Cook' meals that you can stick in oven straight from frozen. Sleep when family come to visit - take advantage of their time - you don't need to clean up or host them - just go to bed or jump in the shower - do whatever you need to do. Finally, don't feel afraid to say no - if you are tired, you can say you don't want visitors, I also never wanted anyone to kiss my baby because of germs so if you believe in something, stick to your gut. 

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