Colibri Car Seat Adaptor


With the help of these universal Hauck Colibri Car Seat Adaptor you can install different infant car seat with Maxi Cosi fittings on the Hauck Colibri pushchair.

First you need to install the adaptors on the pushchair frame and then the infant car seat. This results in a practical travel system that allows you to easily drive through small streets and shops.

The hauck universal adaptors are compatible with the current infant car seats of the following manufacturers:


  • Aton M i Size®
  • Aton Q®
  • Cloud Q®
  • Aton 5®
  • Aton Q i-Size®
  • Aton 4®


  • Pipa Lite®
  • Pipa Lite LX®
  • Pipa Icon®

Maxi Cosi

  • Rock®
  • Cabriofix®
  • Pebble®
  • Pebble Plus®


  • iZi Go X1®
  • iZi Go Modular®


  • Evoluna i Size2®
  • Evoluna i Size®
  • Evolution Pro2®


  • Universal adapters for infant car seats with Maxi Cosi fixations
  • To fix different infant car seat on the hauck pushchair Colibri
  • Transforms the pushchair in a practical travel system
  • Easy to install