Hauck Twist-it Balance Bike


The hauck fun cruiser from kindergarten age Twist-it ride on allows your child from 4 years onward to train coordination, motor skills and agility, while drifting around with friends. The agile fun cruiser is steered by the rowing movements of the arms, providing a unique form of locomotion which supports the development of strength and stamina at the same time. Thanks to the 360-degree range of movement, manoeuvring the Twist-it is child’s play. Smooth-running comfort wheels muffle the noises while driving and guarantee fun even on uneven ground. The four-way adjustable seat ensures maximum seating comfort, growing with the child and promising years of whizzing around the house and garden. Sturdy grips on the handlebars and rubberized footrests prevent little racers from slipping off while riding at high speeds. The Twist-it carries a load of up to 50 kg and is the cool fun cruiser for active children and impresses with its unusual design and functionality.


  • STABLE FRAME IN LONG-LASTING QUALITY: The ride-on vehicle Twist-it can be used from 4 years up to 50 kg and is steered by the child’s arm movements by pushing back and forth
  • ANTI-SLIP: The handles are made of high-quality plastic, offering boys and girls a safe grip while driving. The rubberized footrests provide additional support and comfort during the ride
  • SLALOM DRIVE IN WHISPER MODE: The two front wheels have a 360-degree range of movement, making the Twist-it particularly agile. Driving noise is muffled by the two comfort wheels
  • ROWING MOVEMENTS WITH LEARNING EFFECT: The Twist-it is driven and controlled by rowing movements at the same time, training your kid’s agility, motor skills, strength, and stamina in equal measure
  • GROW-ALONG, ERGONOMIC SEAT: The ergonomic seat can be adjusted in four positions, offering optimal seating comfort for your growing child, while racing around the house or garden


  • Dimensions: H:40.0 x W:17.0 x D:85.5 cm
  • Colour: Blue
  • Guarantee:1 year
  • Model Number: T-81500
  • Self Assembly Required: Yes