Lullaby Lights Lion


Gently squeeze the soft plastic light-up tummy button of the Lullaby Lights Lion to display colours and listen to Lion introduce shapes and colours on it’s mane. This soft and cuddly lion has a crinkle fabric mane, a rainbow tassel tail and different textures on his face and paws to encourage tactile stimulation. In day mode enjoy a kaleidoscope of colour with each press of lion’s soft plastic light-up tummy. The colours change to the five colours on lion’s mane playing a variety of songs and phrases to teach shapes, colours and numbers. Lion also helps your baby fall asleep with four different sleep timer options, offering soft gentle lullabies; lullabies and lights or just lights.

  • Lion's belly lights up and plays phrases and music.
  • Day and night modes entertain by day and soothe by night.
  • Core learning skills include colours, shapes and numbers.
  • Set timer to 10 or 20 minutes of lullabies and lights