Temperature Control Mickey & Minnie Mouse Bottle 300ml

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by Nuk

NUK First Choice+ Disney Baby Temperature Control Bottle 300ml 6-18 Months is a bottle with a size M nipple, designed for powdered milk. Its "Temperature Control" indicator allows you to check that the contents of the bottle are not too hot.

If the contents are too hot, the indicator on the scale turns white. The optimal temperature for a bottle is the body temperature (37°C = blue indicator).

The teat is natural and adapted to the jaw, its physiological shape reproduces the shape of the breast during feeding. The flexibility is maximum, with the soft zone, the front of the teat follows the movements of the palate of baby even better, for an even more natural feeding.

The Air System anti-colic valve provides a natural flow to help babies drink without swallowing air.

  • Orthodontic shaped teat with a distinct soft zone moulds gently to baby's palate
  • Suitable for combination feeding - the extra wide lip support simulates breast feeding as closely as possible
  • Built-in Temperature Control indicator shows when milk is too hot
  • Innovative Anti-Colic vent helps prevent the harmful swallowing of air; Wide bottle neck allows for easy filling and cleaning
  • BPA-free, made in Germany and easy to clean