Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo


The VTech Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo is a fun and interactive learning toy! This adorable Kangaroo hops across the floor and encourages your little one to move with them. The cute phrases, kissing button and pouch button introduce your little one to nurturing role play. The put-and-take pouch allows you to take the cute Joey in and out and use him to interact with his mummy.

  • Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo is a baby musical toy designed to stimulate your baby's senses, encourage curiosity and discovery and learn loads while having fun!
  • Watch this cute Kangaroo hop across the floor and encourage your little one to follow after. This electronic toy is the perfect gift to support your baby's first steps!
  • The put-and-take pouch allows your baby to put little Joey inside, encouraging nurturing play and pretend play, as well as imaginative play.
  • Choose your favourite: singing, kissing or jumping! Additionally, 2 different buttons introduce fun facts, numbers, phrases and sounds. Includes 3 fun songs and 1 entertaining melody.