Learn & Dance Dino


Dino features nine action plates that will customise Dino’s voice, emotions and dancing styles. Hear the voice style change into Dino, a cool Robot or a fearsome Monster. There are also three yellow plates to make Dino happy, angry or sleepy and three blue plates that make Dino march, dance to hip-hop or ballet.

  • Learn and Dance Dino is a musical baby toy with plenty of features for your little one to learn and have heaps of fun
  • Ballet, Marching or Hip-Hop; make him happy, angry or sleepy; or change his voice style to Dino, Robot or Monster
  • 27 different shape sorting combinations and three light up buttons that teach colours, shapes and music
  • Plenty of melodies and songs to sing along, this toddler toy will entertain your little one for hours to come
  • Includes a Dino egg to store Dino's plates - suitable for easy tidy up time and compact storage. Batteries included