Toot-Toot Drivers Train Set


Get your child's imagination going as they combine the track pieces. Watch the cute motorised train and its wagon chug along the tracks and go into the station, over the bridge, down the ramp and load up using the crane! The train and other Toot-Toot Drivers vehicles respond to the 4 SmartPoint locations that introduce early language skills. 

  • Includes cute motorised train and wagon.
  • New connection points for more versatile play (Includes adaptors to fit original tracks).
  • 4 SmartPoints locations that introduce fun phrases, sound effects and melodies when triggered.
  • A variety track pieces including 4 flexible track sections and supports for two tier play.
  • Manipulative features include; swinging bridge track, turning flag, open & close gates, loading points and crane.
  • Encourages role-play and imaginative play.