First Choice+ Winnie The Pooh 150ml Bottle

by Nuk

The cheerful Winnie the Pooh, the ever popular bear, now adorns the NUK range with heartwarming designs. A good feeling When it's really round, some extra security just feels good. When your baby becomes a toddler, the NUK First Choice drinking bottle with temperature control supports the easy transition from the mother's breast or bottle to independent drinking. The NUK First Choice drinking bottle with temperature control shows at a glance when the right drinking temperature is reached and gives the confidence that the drink is not too hot. If the drink is too hot, the otherwise blue indicator turns white. Ideally, the liquid should be body temperature (37°C = medium blue tone).

  • Learn to drink easily: supports the transition to independent drinking
  • Integrated temperature control display indicates when the liquid is too hot
  • Firm hold for small hands: thanks to the soft ergonomic handles, the baby can hold the drinking bottle themselves
  • Innovative anti-colic valve prevents air swallowing
  • Leak-proof drinking spout: convenient for travel, reduces spills
  • Can be combined with all other First Choice+ bottles and teats