February, the month of love and pulling your hair out!

February, the month of love and pulling your hair out!

 Does anyone else just dread the half term? I’m so envious of parents who are so well prepared and stress free when it comes to the Half Term time. Mums who have their days planned out and already paid for, mums who schedule in all the crafts and movie times. I honestly take each day as it comes and whilst my kids are running the around the living room in their PJ’s and nappies, I’m staring at them thinking, dammit! I should have sorted something.

The truth is, how many of us really have our life sorted in that way?

Most days I call up the mother-in-law “Erm... would you like the kids this afternoon?” and nervously waiting for them to say “YES!” – I’m so lucky I have her because without her, my goodness I honestly don’t know what I’d do. It’s amazing to spend time with my kids but when I need just 5 minutes to do the washing, tidy the house or do some shopping, I will more than happily hand my children over to the mother-in-law!

What sort of activities do you all plan over half term?
Apparently Peppa Pig world is supposed to be pretty good, but do I want to spend 3 hours walking around looking at freaky people in pig costumes and spend hundreds of pounds to do so… not really. It’s then I remember, I have kids and it’s just a sacrifice I must make.

Spending money. Probably the biggest expense of my life is half term, even if I do treat my little ones to a trip to the cinema, it’s pricey and sharing a bag of popcorn with my kids, it’s always gone before the film starts and I start rummaging my hand on the bottom of the bag realising it’s all gone. Little monsters! If I do spend money over half term, it’s about spending wisely and treating them to something that lasts! Thankfully, when I shop at Pearl and Bear, they have bikes scooters, indoor toys, outdoor toys, educational toys and so much more to keep them occupied for hours – phew!

My little ones always make me a little Valentine’s card too on Valentine’s Day which is super cute! It makes me realise amongst all the screaming, crying and “GO AWAY MUM!” they do love me which does make me all fuzzy inside! Oh, I’ve gone all soppy! I think as parents, we sometimes immediately go to such negative spaces when our kids are acting up, not listening and just being crazy. I always try to take a step back to breathe and remember that it’s just a phase and it’ll pass – even if now it absolutely doesn’t seem that way.

I need a holiday. Don’t we all! A solo holiday would do me the world of good. Maybe I can leave the kids with the husband (and mother-in-law) over half term and jet off to Bali for some sun and sand. Ooh doesn’t that just sound pleasant and scream free! My mum bod has just completely shrivelled and sunk down like some gloopy jelly monster.

Anyway, I’m off to plan something for Half Term!
Good luck fellow mums!

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