Social Media Terms & Conditions

How does it work?

Before Pearl & Bear shares your post onto our communication platforms, we will review the post and ask for permission by the account owner. Once agreed, we will then display it on the Pearl & Bear Instagram and Facebook page for our audience to love.

What if I don't want Pearl & Bear to use my image?

If you change your mind after we have posted your image to our communication platforms, please email or send us a message on the platform we contacted you on and we will remove your image from both Social Medias as soon as possible. 

How do I report/complain about a post?

If you notice something that you believe isn't keeping with Pearl & Bear's standards, please report it to immediately. If you are not the owner of the post which you are seeking to report, then we will look into this, however, if the post complies with these terms and conditions, Pearl & Bear will decide if the post should be removed. We keep all complaints/reports confidential.

Why has my post been removed?

Pearl & Bear reserve the right to remove any post in our sole discretion. Pearl & Bear also reserve the right to remove any post if you do not comply with these terms and conditions. We may also remove your post if we receive a report/complaint about your post.