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Brush Baby

Brush Baby Flossbrush 6+ Years

Brush Baby Flossbrush 6+ Years

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Our toothbrush is perfect for kids with a mix of baby and adult teeth, helping them develop good brushing habits. With DeepClean flossing bristles, it ensures a thorough clean. Short bristles clean the surface, while longer ones reach between teeth and gums. It's great for kids with braces, crooked teeth, or who find flossing tricky. The small brush head and easy grip handle make it simple for little hands to use. Plus, it comes with fun sucker feet for easy bathroom storage!

  • Short bristles to clean the surface of the teeth
  • Longer bristles get inbetween teeth and gums
  • Ergonomically designed for smaller hands
  • Suction base for easy storage in the bathroom
  • Available in 4 assorted colours
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