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Brush Baby

Brush Baby WildOnes Charging Cable

Brush Baby WildOnes Charging Cable

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Introducing the Spare Magnetic USB Charging Cable for WildOnes Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrushes, the ultimate accessory for convenient and safe charging. Crafted with magnetic USB charging capability, this cable ensures a secure connection, making it safer for kids. Designed in classic white, it seamlessly complements your WildOnes Animal Sonic Toothbrush. With a length of approximately 100cm, or 1 meter, it offers flexibility and ease of use. This versatile cable fits and charges any WildOnes Sonic Toothbrush, providing reliable power whenever needed. Charging your toothbrush for just 4 hours yields an impressive 28 days of brushing time, based on two minutes of brushing twice a day. Ensure your child's toothbrush is always ready for action with this reliable and efficient spare charging cable.

  • Rechargeable 
  • 100cm / 1 meter
  • Keeps charge for 28 days
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