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Bubble Time Turtle

Bubble Time Turtle

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Pop some bubbles with the Bubble Time Turtle by VTech®! This cute turtle magically releases bubbles in time with the music and sounds. Clown fish and light up starfish buttons introduce sea animals and play fun sing-along songs and melodies. Features 2 strong suction cups so that turtle can easily attach to the side of the bath or bathroom tiles. Popping the bubbles promotes hand/eye coordination and sing-along songs and fun phrases help encourage first words. The Bubble Time Turtle will not be able to form bubbles if submerged under water and is designed to be attached to the side of the bath or bathroom tiles.

  • Features 12 fun melodies, 4 catchy sing-along and endless fun. Let's pop, pop, pop some bubbles!
  • One bottle of bubble mixture included
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