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Choppin' Fun Learning Pot

Choppin' Fun Learning Pot

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Chop, Chop and learn how to cook with the Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot! This role play cooking pot includes 4 vegetables that you can chop in half on the chopping board using the pretend knife helping hand eye coordination and motor skill development. Press one of the 4 food buttons to learn food names and colours – you can also follow along to the built in recipes and make your own dinners just like Mum and Dad! When the food is put into the pot it will light up and play phrases to encourage stirring the food and adding in more ingredients.

  • Includes 4 role play vegetables with a pretend knife to cut the food in half
  • 4 food press buttons introduce food names, colours and recipes
  • Follow the built in recipes to make food just like Mum and Dad
  • Turn the temperature dial to learn numbers 1-4 and cooking temperatures
  • Colours, Foods, Numbers
  • Batteries included: 2 x AA Batteries (included for demo purposes only). New batteries recommended for regular use.
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