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Comfort Mattress 70 X 140cm

Comfort Mattress 70 X 140cm

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The Kub Comfort baby mattress is designed to offer a safe, healthy and natural sleeping environment helping your baby to sleep. The Spring Airflow cot mattress has been constructed using the best quality British foam, and has unique hypo-allergenic properties. The springs encourage perfectly balanced airflow and the foam surrounded has a unique open cell structure that reacts and responds to baby's body heat and weight by moulding to the contours of the body, therefore allowing the perfect airflow and keeping the baby's skin nice and soft. With added protection, the mattress comes with an adjustable waterproof membrane, to keep the interior nice and dry, giving your mattress that extra long life protection.

The luxury spring airflow baby cot mattress comes with a removable quilted Freshtec Airflow fabric cover, which is a Zipp off cover, washable at 60 degrees. The total Hypo-allergenic feature prevents body oils from penetrating the mattress and attracting dust mites and other microscopic organisms that can cause allergic reactions. Every parent knows that sleep is vital to baby's health and development, and a good night's sleep starts with a great mattress.

Kub's premium range of comfortable, safe and hygienic baby cot bed mattresses have been created with your child's future in mind. We are here to help getting your baby to sleep.

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