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LeapStart Mr. Pencil Sharpens Creativity

LeapStart Mr. Pencil Sharpens Creativity

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Join Mr. Pencil and his Doodleburg friends in the Mr. Pencil Sharpens Creativity activity book for LeapStart systems. Play games in Doodleburg to explore colours, shapes, drawing and pre-writing skills. Tap the pictures on every page with the LeapStart stylus to magically bring the activity book to life. Enhance the learning with amazing animations when you play on a LeapStart system with a screen. Mix colours on the playground, explore the shapes and sounds of a geometric band, trace your way through the Lines and Shapes Carnival and more.

  • More than 30 replayable activities engage kids when they use the stylus to tap on the pictures to help them understand the learning concepts
  • Play games that promote curiosity and teach colours, shapes, drawing and pre-writing skills
  • Many replayable activities are designed with two levels so kids can play and learn at their own pace and move up when they’re ready
  • Trigger audio and animations (when using a LeapStart® system with a screen) and explore Doodleburg with Mr. Pencil
  • A computer with internet is required to download books onto the LeapStart® system Batteries not required
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