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Cupboard & Drawer Locks (6 Pack)

Cupboard & Drawer Locks (6 Pack)

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Children love to rummage in places they shouldn't and cupboards and drawers are always their prime target when they're feeling adventurous. These Cupboard & Drawer Locks are the perfect cost-effective security device to make sure the little ones don't stray!

They can be easily attached to cupboards and drawers to stop the mini explorers in their tracks, locking automatically when the drawer or cupboard is closed. They have the added bonus of a simple press to release design to make sure you can get to your belongings quickly. Our Cupboard Locks & Drawer Locks will give you peace of mind so that your children are kept out of harms way. Great Savings when buying larger packs.

  • Press to release design.
  • They lock automatically on closing the drawer or cupboard.
  • Easily attached to Cupboards & drawers to prevent access by small children.
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