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Dr Brown's

Dr Brown's Special Feeding Baby Bottles 120ml

Dr Brown's Special Feeding Baby Bottles 120ml

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Introducing Dr. Brown's Special Feeding Baby Bottle 120ml, crafted to deliver the utmost comfort and convenience for both baby and parent alike. Our innovative Anti-Colic internal vent system has been clinically proven to reduce colic, alleviating discomfort and promoting peaceful feeding sessions. With a consistent flow rate facilitated by vacuum-free feeding technology and silicone teats, our bottle closely mimics the breastfeeding experience, allowing babies to feed at their own pace. The breast-like teat shape encourages a proper latch for a more natural feeding experience, easing the transition between breast and bottle. Designed to grow with your baby, our bottle works seamlessly with the internal vent system in place but can be easily removed as your baby's feeding skills progress, eliminating the need for a different bottle. Choose Dr. Brown's Special Feeding Baby Bottle for a revolutionary anti-colic solution that prioritises comfort, consistency, and convenience.

  • 120ml
  • Anti-colic internal vent system
  • Consistent flow rate
  • Breast-like teat
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