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Feeding Spoons & Heat Cover

Feeding Spoons & Heat Cover

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MAM’s heat sensitive feeding spoons includes two sizes of spoon to help ease the transition to self-feeding. The long-handled spoon is designed to help adults reach into deep food jars; the short-handled spoon is easy for baby to grasp while learning to feed themselves. The spoons are soft and are gentle on baby’s gums. Structured handles incorporate an innovative rubber grip that is placed exactly where needed most, positioned at the end of the long handle for adult hands; positioned in the middle of the shorter spoon for baby’s small hands. The small, protective cover conveniently stores both spoons for on-the-go meals and easily tucks into a change bag without taking up precious space. Its functional design also allows parents to store each spoon separately, so one spoon remains clean, even if the other is dirty.

  • Long spoon easily reaches the bottom of deeper glasses
  • Heat sensitive tips – change colour if food is too hot
  • Parents and babies can hold the spoon together
  • Short, broad spoon – designed for baby’s small hands
  • Ideal for holding on their own
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