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Kickmaster Close Control Trainer

Kickmaster Close Control Trainer

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Practice and hone your child's football skills from an early age with the Kickmaster Close Control Trainer. It's the ultimate companion for perfecting ball control early on with its dual-mode for use. During standard use, its cord will extend out in reaction to the kick and then recoil, sending the ball back toward the player for catch and control practice from the rebound. Mode two can be switched on via the instant and secure lock mechanism on the ergonomic handle, which will lock the cord out at a distance of up to 3.5m, removing the recoil motion, making the rebound less predictable. With its universal net, it can hold balls from sizes 3-5. It's so compact that it can be stored and transported pretty much anywhere! From passing and control to shooting and keepie-uppies, the trainer will help you take football practice to the next level.

  • Recoil mechanism for fast action and controlled practice
  • Instant cord locking feature for close control training
  • Universal ball holder to fit all standard size footballs
  • Note: Ball is not included
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