KidzSonic Electric Toothbrush (3+ Years) - Flamingo

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It doesn’t matter if you stand on one leg like a Flamingo, when you’re brushing your teeth, but 2 minutes toothbrushing (and standing) is counted down by the integral 2 minute timer on this electric toothbrush. Delightful to look at and hold, the bi-level flossing bristles catering for every type of tooth, will ensure that you will be ‘in the pink’

  • 2 minute light timer (switches off automatically)
  • Small brush head - suitable for young mouths
  • DeepClean bristles great for mixed teeth
  • Short bristles clean the tooth's surface
  • Longer bristles reach between teeth
  • Small lightweight handle - comfortable in little hands
  • 30 second pulse reminder helps teach tooth brushing
  • 1x AAA Alkaline battery included (uses only Alkaline batteries)
  • Suitable for 3 years and older