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Leapfrog Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart

Leapfrog Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart

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Set up shop and start selling slices with the Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart™! This food cart has everything needed to run a small pretend pizza business including six toppings, a pizza cutter, plate, cheese shaker and more. Ding! Ring the bell to hear a customer’s order and explore colours, shapes and food names. They may ask for a slice of pizza with crunchy onion, cheese triangles or red pepperoni. Scoop up the pizza with the magic spatula and it will let you know if you got the order right. You can mix and match toppings to create your own pizza too. Put it in the oven, set the temperature and the oven will say words in Italian, cooking phrases and play music while you wait. Don’t cook the pizza too long or it’ll burn. Pop the finished pizza in the box and complete the order. Collect and count the play money. Nice cookin’, chef! Add music to the dining experience by spinning the pizza turntable for learning songs and melodies.

  • Order up - Park the cart and slice up 'pizza' fun by ringing the bell to hear customer orders.
  • Tasty toppings - Slide the spatula under the pieces where it will recognise the different toppings in both English and Italian, count how many there are, and cheer up the day with a joke or two.
  • Let's get cooking - Use the pizza stone to cook each slice in the adorable brick over, then turn the dial to set the perfect temperature. Well done!
  • Cha-Ching! - Budding business owners can get paid for all their hard work by inserting the included dollars and coins into the cash register.
  • Take it to go - All that's left is to pack up the order and take home and enjoy! Cut the slices and place them in a cardboard box, perfectly sized for hungry hands.
  • Close Up Shop - At the end of the day, easily store everything away in the slots and storage drawer, keeping things organised for the next time.
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