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Leapfrog Count & Swirl Ice Cream Maker

Leapfrog Count & Swirl Ice Cream Maker

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Please note: This product will become available Early June 2024.

Introducing the Leapfrog Count and Swirl Ice Cream Maker – where the joy of creating sweet treats meets a world of learning adventures! This interactive ice cream maker offers a delightful blend of imaginative play and educational benefits, making it the perfect tool for young learners. As your child explores the ice cream-making process, they'll simultaneously dive into the world of colours and counting. The magic begins as they sort ice cream by colours, filling the machine and watching each flavour light up for a visual feast. With 3 levers to pull, your little one can serve up their delectable creations in a cup or cone, building both fine motor skills and listening comprehension. But that's not all – the Count and Swirl Ice Cream Maker takes learning a step further by allowing kids to mix ice cream and toppings, creating their very own frozen masterpieces. Choose and pump 4 toppings to hear about colours, flavours, and practice counting, enhancing cognitive skills in a deliciously entertaining way. Ready to take customer orders? Press the order button and watch as your child engages in imaginative play, refining their social and creative skills. Once the frozen treat is ready, place it in the cone holder for a delightful presentation. This exciting set includes 13 ingredients for learning fun, including 6 swirls of ice cream, 4 toppings, a cone, cup, and a scoop & learn sundae machine. Leapfrog Count and Swirl Ice Cream Maker – where the joy of play meets the magic of learning!

  • Pull the levers to release the ice cream and learn colours
  • Press the pump to learn numbers and hear sounds effects
  • Use the included toppings to decorate your ice creams
  • 13 ingredients included
  • 3 AA batteries required
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