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Leapfrog My 1st Phonics: Spin & Learn

Leapfrog My 1st Phonics: Spin & Learn

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Introducing Leapfrog My 1st Phonics: Spin and Learn – a captivating educational tool designed to make early phonics a delightful adventure! With 10 light-up buttons, your little one can press to dive into the world of letter sounds, supported by 5 double-sided pages featuring engaging images that bring phonics to life. Explore the richness of the English language with 107 vocabulary words, highlighting the 44 sounds that form the foundation of reading and pronunciation. For a random and exciting letter sound learning experience, just press the red button, or opt for a more focused approach by selecting one of the 10 light-up buttons. Dive into a world of modes – Explore, Fun Sounds, Sound Detective, and Sound Blender – each offering a unique and entertaining way to absorb phonics knowledge. Plus, with the convenience of a carry handle, learning is not confined to one space. Take My 1st Phonics on the go for continuous learning adventures. Make early phonics an engaging journey with Leapfrog My 1st Phonics: Spin and Learn, where every spin brings a new wave of learning and exploration!

  • 5 double-sided pages with engaging images for learning letters and their sounds
  • Press the red button for fun random letter sound learning
  • 3 AA batteries required
  • 4 Modes: Explore, Fun Sounds, Sound Detective and Sound Blender
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