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Leapfrog Stacking Shells Turtle

Leapfrog Stacking Shells Turtle

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Meet Turtle! She is shy and wants to go on adventures. The Nest & Count Turtle Tower by LeapFrog®looks to introduce children to emotions and nurturing whilst introducing colours, shapes, and numbers through fun nesting play. Bundled with 5 turtle shell babies, these bright and characterful turtle shells all feature different colours, numbers and shapes and show different emotions on their faces. They can be stacked on top of turtles shell to create a fun stacking tower for stacking play and counting fun! Watch what happens when all turtle shells are stacked on top of turtle! Will she feel more confident now she has her friends to go on an adventure? Pull her string and watch her wobble along!

  • Build awareness of numbers, colours and shapes.
  • Explore and compare sizes.
  • Push or pull turtle to build motor skills.
  • Learn about cause and effect - stack the baby turtles on top to play a fun game of peek-a-boo.
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