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LeapStart Preschool STEM with Teamwork

LeapStart Preschool STEM with Teamwork

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Open up a world filled with robots, tools and gadgets galore with this fun-filled, interactive STEM activity book for LeapStart-the interactive learning system designed to get your child ready for school and life. The LeapFrog LeapStart LeapFrog LeapStart Preschool STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Teamwork Activity Book is jam-packed with 40+ replayable activities that engage kids ages 3-5 at the Preschool level to keep them playing and learning for hours. With the LeapStart system, every page talks, sings and jokes with exciting audio interactions that bring learning to life.Join Leap, Lily and the other Letter Factory characters on a mission to make things work. Create energy from wind or solar power and then save the day by turning on the electricity. "Clip" wires and "screw in" screws to build a sound machine. Then program the sound machine using simple coding. Learn about sources that generate light and energy and experiment with sun and shade, using scientific approaches to help grow a healthy garden. With this LeapStart book, kids explore 16 key Preschool STEM and teamwork skills, including exploring data through simple graphs, experimenting with trial and error, using tools to solve problems and more.

  • Replayable activities engage kids when they use the stylus to tap on the pictures to help them understand the learning concepts
  • Play games that promote curiosity and teach.
  • Many replayable activities are designed with two levels so kids can play and learn at their own pace and move up when they’re ready
  • Trigger audio and animations (when using a LeapStart® system with a screen).
  • A computer with internet is required to download books onto the LeapStart® system Batteries not required
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