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Learn to Drink Cups & Handles 190ml

Learn to Drink Cups & Handles 190ml

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The MAM Learn To Drink Cup is the next step in bottle feeding your baby. MAM Cups make learning to drink easy because they are aligned to baby’s developmental stages. Parents can relax whilst toddlers learn independent drinking

The MAM Learn To Drink Cup makes learning to drink easy thanks to the extra soft spout with patented valve system. Thanks to this clever design parents can relax whilst their toddlers learn to drink with either spill free or free flow, just by removing the clear silicone valve! This also allows for easy and complete cleaning. The ergonomic non-slip handles makes it easy and comfortable for baby’s small hands to hold. The Cup also comes with a MAM 6+M Soother for your little one to enjoy.

  • Spill free to free flow – patented valve system
  • Spout fits all MAM cups
  • Holds 6oz of liquid for thirstier babies
  • Anti-slip design – easy to hold handles
  • BPA free
  • Soft Spout
  • Suitable from 6 Months
  • Spouts & Handles fit all MAM Cups
  • Free soother included
  • Plastic material
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