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Li-Fe 200 Electric Scooter

Li-Fe 200 Electric Scooter

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Introducing the Li-Fe 200 Electric Scooter – a powerful and versatile ride designed for riders aged 14 and above. With its robust features and advanced technology, this scooter delivers a thrilling and efficient commuting experience. Navigate various terrains with confidence using the Li-Fe 200's durable 6" solid tyres. Engineered for reliability and stability, these tyres provide a secure grip, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. Enhance visibility during day and night rides with the integrated front and rear lights. The Li-Fe 200 Electric Scooter prioritizes safety, ensuring that riders are seen and can navigate their surroundings with confidence. Stay informed on the go with the super bright integrated LCD display. This feature-rich display provides real-time information on speed, mode, and battery life, ensuring that riders have all the essential details at their fingertips. Tailor your ride to match your pace with the Li-Fe 200's multiple speed settings. Choose from 6, 15, or 25km/h, allowing riders to adapt to their surroundings and ride at a comfortable and controlled speed. Effortlessly transition from riding to portability with the Li-Fe 200's quick and easy folding mechanism. This scooter is designed for convenience, making it a practical and efficient choice for transportation and storage.

  • 200w rear hub motor with climbing ability up to 15 degrees
  • 6" solid tyres (no puntures)
  • Integrated front & rear lights
  • Super bright integrated LCD display advising speed, mode and battery life.
  • Multiple speed settings 6/15/25km
  • Folds quickly and easily for effective transportation and storage.
  • Easy to use handlebar thumb throttle.
  • Comfort handlebar grips
  • Anti-slip footplate
  • Motor power: 200w
  • Battery size: 24v 4.0ah Lithium-Ion
  • Range: up to 15km
  • Recharge time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Maximum speed: 12.5mph
  • Maximum rider weight: 90kg
  • Product weight: 8.9kg
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