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5 Litre Disinfecting Fluid

5 Litre Disinfecting Fluid

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 This disinfecting fluid is formulated from a non-hazardous chlorine based bleaching agent that effectively kills off bacteria in 15 minutes. Milton steriliser can be used for everything including bottles, bed pans, urinals and plastic protective clothing. Milton is also suitable for sanitising water before drinking or washing foods to remove pesticides or growing agents. 

  • Extremely safe and trusted by many for over 60 years
  • Easy and quick to dilute and use - can be distributed in spray bottles, buckets or sinks
  • Milton steriliser kills bacteria, fungi and viruses in 15 minutes
  • Aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride
  • Chlorine levels - 10000ppm with water
  • Non hazardous and required no skin protection
  • Suitable for use with newborn baby bottles and residential waste items
  • Volume: 5 litre
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