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Steriliser Bundle

Steriliser Bundle

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Milton steriliser bundle comes with all your essentials. The bundle includes:

Milton Sterilising Tablets

Milton Sterilising Tablets sterilise within 15 minutes by only using cold water. These tablets kill 99.9% of germs and you don't need to rinse after use.

Mini Steriliser tablets

Mini Steriliser tablets allow you to sterilise baby's soother whilst on the go. The self-dissolving tablets kill all bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores in just 15 minutes, substantially reducing the risk of oral thrush.

Milton Solo Microwave or Cold Water Travel Steriliser

Milton Solo Microwave or Cold Water Travel Steriliser can be used as either a microwave or cold water single bottle steriliser, perfect for travelling. Sterilises from just 2 minutes in the microwave or Sterilise in 15 minutes with cold water with sterilising tablets or fluid.

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray 500ml

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray kills germs in 5 minutes. Ideal to clean and disinfect all surfaces in the home: highchair, work tops and potty's baby’s bath.

Milton Disinfecting Fluid

This disinfecting fluid is formulated from a non-hazardous chlorine based bleaching agent that effectively kills off bacteria in 15 minutes.

Milton Fluid

Safe and reliable, Milton fluid is ideal for sterilising baby bottles, feeding utensils and other non-metallic surfaces. In just 15 minutes, your utensils are left completely sterile and safe to use.

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