Mr. Pencil's Scribble, Write & Read

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Scribble & Write now features learn-to-write favourite character, Mr. Pencil! Trace onto the screen and follow Mr. Pencil's guidance as he teaches you stroke by stroke how to form upper and lower case letters, numbers and shapes. Now also guides how to construct early words and free play creativity mode. The easy hold stylus helps develop motor skills for good pencil control whilst a touch screen ensures instant accurate feedback at all times. Dynamic, levelled play means each child will automatically have the right amount of challenge.

  • Learn how to form letters, numbers, shapes and early words.
  • Touch screen.
  • Instant accuracy feedback.
  • Automatically adjusts to child's abilities.
  • Use the stylus on the screen to learn the stroke order
  • Draw shapes and watch as they magically transform into objects
  • Teaches: Word sounds and rhyme, numbers, counting, writing, shapes, spelling, alphabet