Nuby Triple Pack 240ml Bottles Girl

by Nuby

Say hi to the cutest bottles in town! These super cute feeding friend decorations are so hard to resist and perfect for feeding your baby, whatever time din-dins happens to be. This 3 pack of 240ml bottles come with super soft, slow flow teats which are inspired by the shape, texture & natural flex of mum's breast which encourages babies to latch-on more easily for a less stressful & happier feeding time.   These teats also have 3 unique advanced anti-colic valves which reduce air intake to help prevent painful colic & gas when your little one's feeding. 

  • 3 x 240ml Nuby Combat Colic wide neck bottles with decoration
  • Easy Latch, SoftFlex™ slow flow silicone teat which flexes and stretches like a breast.
  • 100% BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Super cute and stylish feeding friends decorations

Sound good? Well there's more...these bottles are multi-award winning AND you get 3 of them so you can have some sterilising while you use the others.  They even come with leakproof sealing rings, plus their natural shape makes them easy to hold with textured side grips to help too.   

If your little one doesn't take to them, don't worry either because all these bottles come with a with an acceptance guarantee or your money back (just see our packs for more details).

They're also 100% BPA free and suitable for dishwashers & microwaves, making cleaning and feeding a doddle! Their wide neck style also helps to make cleaning even easier too.

Whether you plan to use a dummy or not, there's also one included in this pack too & it matches the cute feeding friends decoration on the bottles.  You could even think of it as an emergency dummy (but one of the cutest ones around!)

Feeding has never looked so stylish with this trio!

Boxed Contents: 3 x 240ml Combat Colic Bottles