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NUK Electric Single Breast Pump

NUK Electric Single Breast Pump

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It's this easy. With the NUK Soft and Easy Electric Breast Pump, expressing milk has never been so relaxed. The pump's breast cup is made from 100 Percent skin-soft silicone with no hard plastic parts, which makes it particularly gentle to use. Whether you express at home or out and about, the integrated battery with 120 minutes battery life lets you decide. It's also really easy to use: just two taps on the touch control and off you go. Choose from three programmes to simulate your baby's natural way of drinking, with adjustable suction strength to suit your preference. Two different breast cup sizes allow you to find your ideal fit.

  • SUPER SOFT: 100 Percent skin-soft silicone cup gently encloses the breast - no hard plastic, no discomfort
  • EASY TO USE: Simply tap the remote control twice to start expressing into any NUK baby bottle
  • NATURALLY INDIVIDUAL: 27 settings for Stimulation, Expressing and Let Down offer a tailored experience, with high suction pressure for maximum milk yield
  • SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND QUIET: Weighing just 200 g, the compact control unit is easy to pack up and is never in the way, even at home; thanks to its low noise level, the discreet pump won't bother babies or mums
  • EXPRESS ANYWHERE: The integrated rechargeable battery allows you to take your breast pump with you wherever you go, with 120 minutes battery life on full charge, enough for 3-4 expressing sessions
  • INCLUDES: NUK Soft and Easy Single Electric Breast Pump, 1 x USB-C charging cable, 1 x tube, 1 x Ideal Match bottle (150 ml), 1 x Ideal Match bottle teat for breast milk incl. 1 x screw ring and 1 x cap, 1 x Ideal Match sealing disc, 1 x bottle stand for Ideal Match bottle, 2 x breast cup (24 mm, 27 mm), 1 x bottle adapter for NUK First Choice bottle, 1 x extra valve, 1 x travel bag
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