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Nuk Signature Night Soother 2 Pack Size 2

Nuk Signature Night Soother 2 Pack Size 2

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Just look at that little face! it’s the unmistakable expression as babies satisfy their innate desire to suck. the nuk signature soothers night’s response to this natural need is still its completely natural nuk shape. the original. it is modelled on the shape of a mothers nipple as she breastfeeds, so it promotes healthy oral development. the nuk signature soother night is so flat, thin and narrow that it fits very well into little mouths and leaves the tongue enough space for natural sucking movements.

  • Flowing, heart-shaped mouth shield with star, heart or bubble-shaped openings for a cute look on your little one; glow in the dark elements make it easy to find at night
  • Improved nuk original shape modelled on a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding for a natural, satisfying feel
  • 100% of orthodontists confirm that nuk soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment*
  • Nuk air system allows air to escape so teat remains soft and flexible in baby's mouth
  • Promotes the healthy development of teeth and jaw by exercising baby's lips, tongue and facial muscles
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