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Oven Door Lock

Oven Door Lock

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Out of all the places parents would like to keep their children out of, ovens are certainly some of the most dangerous. Their innate curiosity combined with the child-friendly height of an oven door could easily be a recipe for disaster, but there are ways to prevent their access. The Clippasafe Oven Door Lock is one of the best ways to ensure little fingers don’t end up burnt or worse. These heat resistant locks are easily fitted to any oven, microwave or other kitchen appliance with a large swing door. They work by affixing the lock to the appliance with the included heat resistant adhesive pad, then you simply twist the lock into a vertical position to prevent a door from being opened and switch back into a horizontal position to allow access.

  • Keeps kitchen appliances locked shut
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to open when adult access is needed
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