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Leapfrog Peppa Pig Peppa's Big Day

Leapfrog Peppa Pig Peppa's Big Day

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Get ready for a fun-filled day of muddy puddles and more with the Peppa Pig Peppa's Big Day video game. Plug in and play eight games with Peppa Pig using the wireless controller. No web connection, downloads or account setup required. Join Peppa Pig for an oinktastic day at home, playgroup and on a field trip. Little piggies will be excited to help Peppa Pig count ingredients for recipes with Mummy and Daddy Pig or help her sort items to clean her messy room. Preschoolers can then go to playgroup with Peppa Pig to explore rhymes and play a game of freeze dance. Go on a field trip and help her compete in a sack race by matching colours, shapes and letters or discover letter sounds and select the correct target to practice archery. Play the games again and again from the Quick Play menu. Save unique game progress with up to five player profiles so the whole family can play.

  • Little piggies will have an oinktastic day with Peppa Pig at home, playgroup and on a field trip
  • Play immediately using the wireless controller and HDMI game stick; no Wi-Fi, downloads or account setup required
  • Replayable games feature a fun-filled day cooking, counting, jumping in muddy puddles, colours, shapes, letter sounds and more; save unique game progress so the whole family can play
  • Spend the day with Peppa Pig and count ingredients with Mummy and Daddy Pig, sort items in her room and explore rhymes with playing freeze dance
  • Intended for ages 4+ years; requires 2 AA batteries; batteries not included
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