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Polar Gear Peppa Pig Perfect Day 3 Piece PP Tableware Set

Polar Gear Peppa Pig Perfect Day 3 Piece PP Tableware Set

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Our reusable Peppa Pig plate, bowl and cup set is perfect for little ones wanting to eat these cute and cheeky friends. The PP plastic is food-safe and easy to clean. Great for everyday use at home, to take to the grandparents or for taking on holiday to minimise routine disruption at mealtimes. A matching water bottle, lunch bag and cutlery set are available as part of our official UK Peppa Pig merchandise.

Our tableware set is perfectly proportioned for children to the size and shape of the tableware to the actual portions that the plates, bowl and cup will hold. The open cup is great for guiding toddlers away from sippy cups and teaching them how to use drinks tumblers. The cup's 250ml capacity allows your child to enjoy a drink with their meal, while the plate and bowl has enough space to fit a healthy child-sized portion for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Our pretty pink tableware set is functional and tested safe to use in the microwave. Need to warm up your little one's meal of soup or pasta? Pop in the microwave (REHEAT ONLY 2 minutes max) and make sure to stir food thoroughly before serving. Has your little one finished and you've got loads to wash up by hand? As our tableware set is dishwasher friendly, pop our tableware set in the dishwasher and save yourself from hand-washing plastic plates.

The smooth non-porous surface of the plates, bows and cups helps to remove food and drink when cleaning easily so no scrubbing at tableware while you can be spending time with your child or relaxing. Our Peppa Pig plate, bowl and cup set is also easy to store: simply stack the plates and bowls in order of size and pop the cup on top so your child's cute set stays together in the cupboard.

  • White PP plate, bowl and 250ml capacity tumbler
  • Perfectly portioned for little hands
  • Food-safe
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Microwave safe (reheat max 2 mins only)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from recyclable lightweight PP material
  • Matching 3 piece metal cutlery set, PP travel water bottle and lunch bag available online
  • BSEN tested: conforms to BSEN 14372 and BSEN 14350
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