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Dr Brown's

Ridgees Giraffe Teether

Ridgees Giraffe Teether

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Dr. Brown’s Ridgees Giraffe Teether 3m+ consists of a teether in the shape of a giraffe adapted to babies from three months of age and when they enter the teething stage. That said, this teether has a fun shape that will delight any baby. In turn, this reaches all parts of the mouth to relieve the pain and discomfort normally felt at this stage of the baby. At the same time, being BPA-free makes it a safe way for babies to feel more comfortable. Furthermore, this little giraffe has firm edges that end up massaging the baby's gums. On the other hand, the inner surface of the teether allows relieving the pressure of the teeth that are in eruption. Finally, this product can also be cooled or even frozen in the freezer to provide greater comfort and relief to the baby. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher for greater safety.

  • Ideal for: relieving discomfort or pain experienced during teething, entertaining baby for a while;
  • Special features: it can be frozen or cooled in the fridge for greater relief and comfort, it has a firmer edge to massage the gums and a softer interior to relieve the pressure of erupting teeth;
  • Materials: BPA free;
  • Age: 3 months+;
  • Includes: one colored teether in the shape of a giraffe.
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