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Ring Ring Phone

Ring Ring Phone

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Let's play and chat with Bluey and Bingo while watching animations on screen. Press the character buttons to hear fun phrases about each one. Voice activation lets children chat with Bluey and Bingo for interactive pretend play. Change the ringtone, brightness and more, just like on a real phone. Play four games that feature themes from different series episodes: Use the arrow buttons to help Bingo do a handstand. Or help Bluey blow bubbles by blowing into the microphone.

  • Explore four games featuring Bluey and Bingo; watch animations of the characters and listen to popular phrases from the show
  • Hear phrases about each character, help Bluey catch fruit or blow bubbles, then play music for Bingo or help her do a handstand
  • Play two voice messages from Bluey and Bingo or change the ringtone, brightness and more just like a real phone
  • Voice-activated chat-and-reply feature lets kid interact with Bluey and Bingo in conversations
  • Teaches pretend play, numbers, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination
  • Note: This toy phone has reduced volume to adhere to safety regulations for close-to-the-ear toys.
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