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Secret Safe Magic Notebook

Secret Safe Magic Notebook

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Keep all your secrets safe, with the Secret Safe Magic Notebook. Create your own number passcode to open and access your secret 30-page notebook. Write in your notebook with the secret ink pen, that can only be read when shining the Secret Safe Magic Notebook's UV light.

Customise the Magic Notebook by creating your own start-up tune. Listen to built-in music as you write and test your memory in the fun number sequence game - you can even play with a friend. Hear your lucky number of the day and your daily fortune.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Create your own number passcode to keep your secrets safe
  • Shine the UV light to reveal secret writing made by the invisible marker
  • Create your own start-up tune and listen to built-in music
  • Find out your lucky number and hear your daily fortune
  • Test your memory in the fun number sequence game (single or two player)
  • Write down all of your secret notes in the included notebook (A6 size with 30 pages) with the invisible marker pen so nobody can see
  • Store items inside the secret compartment
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