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Sonic the Hedgehog Skateboard

Sonic the Hedgehog Skateboard

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This entry level skateboard is perfect for beginner and novice riders looking to perfect riding technique and basic tricks. The layered 7-ply deck is extremely stable and durable and boasts cool iconic Sonic the Hedgehog graphics both to the underside and the printed grip tape. The flat surface of the deck is ideal for beginners as it allows for maximum foot spacing so that riders can master the balance and coordination required to progress to tricks. Speaking of tricks, the double kicktail deck and large flat surface area are just what's needed to master 'boardwalking' and 'Ollie's' which are core tricks required for progression! The durable plastic trucks can be adjusted for customised riding styles as well as for specific settings for tricks to ensure elimination of 'wheel bite.' The soft cushioning provides a smooth ride. The 50mm PVC wheels have a rounded profile offering a smaller surface patch which allows for greater speed whilst the 608z bearings ensure comfort and a smoother movement.

  • COOL GRAPHICS -Officially licenced with griptape and underside deck printed with cool iconic Sonic graphics.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - the 79 x 20cm (31"" x 8"") 7 ply maple deck provides excellent durability and stability during use. The plastic trucks can be adjusted for customised ride and trick requirements whist the PVC cushions ensure a smooth ride. The rounded PVC wheels with 608z bearings provide improved speed and comfort.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS - the flat deck is great for novice skateboarders, allowing for maximum spacing of feet for balance and trick progression. The double kicktail deck is great for beginner moves such as 'boardwalking' and 'Ollies'
  • EN71 tested. CE UKCA compliant
  • Suitable age 5+ years
  • Maximum user weight 50kg
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