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Junior Joy

Top 'N' Tail Bowls and Sponges for Bathing

Top 'N' Tail Bowls and Sponges for Bathing

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Elevate your baby's bath time and nappy changes with the wide range of Junior Joy Top & Tail Bowls and Sponges! This innovative bowl boasts two compartments, making your routine so much easier. One side holds clean rinse water, ready to gently wash away any mess. The other compartment allows you to create a mild soapy solution for a thorough clean. This clever design makes the Junior Joy Top & Tail Bowls a convenient and soothing alternative to using wet wipes throughout the day. Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, these bowls can withstand countless washes and daily use without showing wear. Plus, the smooth surfaces ensure effortless cleaning, promoting optimal hygiene for your precious little one. Looking to create the ultimate bath-time experience? Pair your Junior Joy Top & Tail Bowls with our coordinating Bath Tubs and Sponges for a gentle and enjoyable routine that both you and your baby will love.

  • 2 Compartments: Convenient bowl, one for clear water and the other for soapy water. Perfect for daily baby care!
  • Wet Wipe Alternative: Useful for washing during nappy change or baby baths.
  • Strong: Sturdy material, made to withstand every wash. Easy to clean and maintain for use day after day.
  • Matching Items Available: Pair with similar Junior Joy items like Bath Tubs and Sponges for the ultimate bath-time experience.
  • Sponges Included: For easy bathing and protecting baby's delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Dimensions: L31cm x W31cm x D8cm
Color: White
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