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BC8313 V-Hush Pro Soothing Sleep Trainer

BC8313 V-Hush Pro Soothing Sleep Trainer

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Create ideal sleep patterns & environments with the VTech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Soothing Sleep Trainer. The V-Hush provides features that enable better, longer sleep for the whole family. Combines light, sounds, and tips to encourage healthy sleep habits using the Colourful night light, glow-on-the-ceiling projector, and powerful Bluetooth Speaker. Craft sleep-inducing atmospheres with over 100 pre-programmed stories, classical music, lullabies and natural sounds, or stream from your favorite smartphone music service. Record and upload your own voice, songs, or stories using the subscription free app. Plus, ensure your family sleeps well even if you're on the go thanks to the rechargeable battery.

  • [Multi-Colour Night Light] - Create a pleasing surrounding by choosing from over 250 Colours to personalize and perfect your baby’s sleep environment. The Colour of light can also be changed by using the one-touch button on top.
  • [Record your own Audio Content] - Record their favorite story or song in familiar voice to please and sooth them more effectively. With our free app you can easily record and upload content in your own voice such as songs, stories, etc.
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