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Vtech 123 Fly with Me Aeroplane

Vtech 123 Fly with Me Aeroplane

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Up, up and away! 1 - 2 - 3, fly away with me! Meet Captain Bear in his aeroplane to have lots of fun zooming him along. Press Captain Bear’s head to trigger fun responses and to see the propeller spin round! Press the light up button on the front of the aeroplane to hear fun sing-along songs. Two buttons on the wings introduce early numbers and letter sounds. Pull or push Captain Bear along to trigger the motion sensor and hear fun sound effects that encourage continuous play. Features 3 exciting sing-along songs and 10 melodies.

  • ENGAGING PLAYTIME: Join Captain Bear on exciting adventures with this interactive aeroplane toy, designed to provide endless fun for kids.
  • MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Push down on Captain Bear's head to activate fun responses and watch the propeller spin, while pressing the light-up button triggers delightful sing-along songs.
  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Explore early numbers and letter sounds with the two buttons on the aeroplane's wings, promoting early learning in an entertaining way.
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Encourage physical activity by pulling or pushing Captain Bear along, activating motion sensor sound effects that keep kids engaged.
  • MUSICAL PLAYTIME: Enjoy 3 catchy sing-along songs and 10 lively melodies that make playtime even more enjoyable and musical.
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