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Vtech Build-a-Burger

Vtech Build-a-Burger

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Set your creativity juices flowing with the Build-A-Burger by VTech. Four modes of play introduce stacking, matching, spinning and rolling play! Build-A-Burger comes with six pretend food pieces, a pole to build the burger and a bun top to complete it! Match the correct shape and colour to complete the foods with the different textures and removable centrepieces! Use the pretend food pieces and spin them down the pole to build your burger – which order will you stack the pretend lettuce, tomato, gherkin, cheese, onion and the all-important burger? Once built, place the bun on top and it locks it into place. Push to roll the burger for fun play! Start all over by stacking the food pieces in any order you wish –Build-A-Burger, you’re the only bun for me.

  • VERSATILE PLAY MODES: Immerse yourself in four engaging play modes that promote stacking, matching, spinning, and rolling fun with VTech's Build-A-Burger.
  • COMPLETE SET: This set includes six pretend food pieces, a stacking pole, and a bun top, enabling imaginative play and burger-building adventures.
  • SHAPE AND COLOUR MATCHING: Enhance cognitive skills as you match food pieces by the correct shape and colour, complete with various textures and removable centrepieces.
  • CREATIVE STACKING: Exercise your creativity by stacking the pretend food pieces in any order you desire. How will you begin your burger—lettuce, tomato, gherkin, cheese, onion, or the burger patty?
  • SECURE LOCKING: After assembly, simply place the bun on top to lock everything in place. Give it a gentle push to roll the burger for endless and delightful playtime. Build-A-Burger adds creativity and enjoyment to every mealtime!
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