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Vtech Marble Rush Build & Store Box Set

Vtech Marble Rush Build & Store Box Set

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Introducing the Vtech Marble Rush Build & Store Box Set – where storage transforms into a world of imaginative stacking and marble run excitement! This convenient container isn't just for storing – it's a crucial part of the play! With 65 pieces and 5 marbles, the set offers endless possibilities for constructing, innovating, and building. The easy-to-assemble, continuous, and modular marble runs make it a breeze for children to unleash their creativity and engineering skills. Turn the container into a wild vertical play set, launching marbles to the top with the included launcher. Watch the marbles twist and turn through the new flexible marble tubes, adding an extra element of visual excitement to their journey. The Vtech Rush Build & Store Box Set is not just standalone fun – it's compatible with other Marble Rush sets, encouraging even more creativity and expansion of marble run adventures. Get ready for a rush of excitement as storage turns into a thrilling playtime experience with the Vtech Rush Build & Store Box Set – where every piece is a building block for endless marble run innovation!

  • Contains 65 pieces and 5 marbles
  • Easy to construct
  • Compatible with the other Marble Rush sets
  • Suitable for 4+ years
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