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Vtech Rock and Roll Bear

Vtech Rock and Roll Bear

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Let’s have some wobbly fun with the Rock and Roll Bear by VTech®. As bear wobbles back and forth, the motion sensor is triggered so baby can hear fun sounds, which encourage little one to interact with Bear. Press the heart, bee or honey pot buttons to hear fun phrases, sing-along songs, melodies and sounds. Bear’s soft textured ears provide tactile stimulation. Pushing Bear supports gross motor movement. Bright colours and a light up ring provide visual stimulation and adds to the fun. Features 3 fun sing-along songs and 12 upbeat melodies.

  • ENGAGING PLAYTIME: Elevate playtime with the Rock and Roll Bear by VTech as it introduces captivating wobbling action, triggering motion sensor fun sounds that foster interactive engagement.
  • INTERACTIVE BUTTONS: Unlock a world of fun by simply pressing the heart, bee, or honey pot buttons, revealing a treasure trove of delights, including phrases, sing-along songs, melodies, and delightful sounds, ensuring continuous engagement and entertainment.
  • TACTILE STIMULATION: Immerse your child in tactile exploration with the Bear's soft textured ears, providing sensory development and a delightful touch-and-feel experience.
  • MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Encourage gross motor skill development as your child pushes the Bear, promoting physical growth while enjoying quality time with their wobbly companion.
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